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DHC2000 Welding and Cutting Torch - Preheating and Soldering, Welding and Brazing, Sheet Metal Cutting, Plate Cutting

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Testimonials on the DHC2000 Welding & Cutting Torch

Carbon Fiber Composites:


I own and operate a company called Carbon Fiber Composites manufacturing airframe parts for the experimental airplane market. I make composite airframe parts as well as welded assemblies from thin wall 4130 Chrome Moly steel. Attached are some photos of a recent project I completed for a customer. It is an interesting weldment being both the engine and landing gear mount. The landing gear socket tubes are a particular challenge due to the close fit of the gear legs. Any distortion of the socket tubes makes installing the gear very difficult. The top and bottom welds at the open ends of the sockets are welded easily with the Cobra torch without using filler rod. The welds toward the middle of the socket tubes do produce some minor weld scale inside the sockets but absolutely no distortion of the tubing allowing easy installation of the landing gear. This assembly really takes a beating carrying the landing loads of the airplane and several owners of these aircraft have developed cracks in the gear truss. I've flown my homebuilt Wittman Tailwind six years now and after a few thousand landings, there are no cracks in the gear truss. Thanks for providing such an excellent product, I use mine in my shop and make money doing it. It's the most versatile tool I own!!!

PS My next project is an engine mount for a 750 SHP turbine engine installation. I'll send pictures when it's done.

101 Caroline Circle
Hurricane, WV 25526
304-562-6800 home
304-395-4932 cell

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I`m proud to endorse your DHC2000 Welding Torch ! We use a total of 5, and find them particularly useful on sheet metal work.
We weld steel now , and aluminum more and more. For material under 1/8" I prefer it to tig welding. I feel it makes a good welder (The Person) Better,and takes years off the learning curve for the Hobbyist !

Best Wishes, Brent Vandervort

8621-C Fairview rd, Hwy 218
Charlotte, NC 28227


Really like this torch:

Hey there,

I just received my under cutting attachment and used it for the first time yesterday.  I really like the way it cuts through auto body sheet metal without warping it.  I also like the speed with which it cuts steel.  I have used plasma torches before and I think I like this much better if only for the fact it is more cost effective for me and completely portable unlike a plasma torch.  Great product with great service.  Thanks.


Ted Larson


Thoughts on the Dillon torch:

Good day,

This is just a general letter of satisfaction with my torch setup. I do a wide array of prototype fabrication as well as restoration work on aircraft and automotive, welding most materials (except titanium). My welding method of choice has always been gas. I own torches from a smith airline, to a meco midget, to a jewelers to my newest, a Cobra (from J&S). To me each one has its use and place and the Cobra finds its home welding the very strange aluminum alloys sometimes found in European car bodies and engine parts. It has the most wonderful valves of any torch I've used. If I had one complaint it would be the size and weight of the torch, but that's minor. To all new welders (new to gas) I recommend the oxyacetylene welding book published by Linde, its very helpful. --


1957 300SL Gull Wing Restoration:

Dear Jim,

I'm doing a body off restoration on a 1957 300SL Gull Wing, the car was severely damaged, with a lot of rust. I had to repair sections and fabricate missing, and rusted out area's, a lot of welding, I started with a regular Victor acetylene torch system It was extremely difficult and time consuming specially in tight area's. I heard about the DHC2000 2000 and decided to give it a try.
There is absolutely no comparison. I ordered your regulator special deal. These low pressure regulators are a must, the DHC2000 2000 has cut my time in half and restored the real joy of welding!!

Kindest regards,
John Getz

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Dear Jim & Vicki Spradley:

Thank you for selling The HENROB 2000.

I really enjoy this torch I will NEVER go back to using a regular torch!

Because this torch does a better job overall, I have been welding for 27 + years and like this torch because I can do a better job.

I tell everybody I work with and they are sold by just seeing what it can do. They think and so do I it is a good quality torch. Also everybody I know that has a HENROB 2000 really likes ‘em.

Louie Rivera

Happy Customer In Canada:

Hi Jim,

I received my tips and other items yesterday. I just wanted to say thanks again for your help and for giving me a break on the pricing. I fired it up last night. It was truly amazing how easy it was to manipulate the weld puddle. I was so impressed by this. I guess I never really got the hang of a regular torch because this feels so natural. When asked I will tell people about your site and service.

Thanks again,

New Life Rebuilders:


I just got my DHC2000 2000 last week and have been practicing a bit with stainless scraps. After even just a few welds I can see that this is what I have wished someone would build for many years. All other torches I have ever used were always way too big for small work. This thing makes about as much noise as a candle when welding this thin stuff. Very sweet.

The first photo shows a three inch weld of a lap joint of .035 stainless using a 1/16" 308 Tig rod with the special tip for 20 ga. This is the ninth practice piece I tried and I can already see big improvements. Follow the (very detailed) instructions, get the regulator pressures correct, use the correct tip, correct angle and distance from the work, and presto, it welds!

The second photo shows a mild steel washer out of the trash can welded (308 Tig rod) to .035 stainless just to see how dissimilar metals would act. No problem. Then, just for fun, I picked up a piece of bare 14ga. solid copper wire and used it for a welding rod on the washer. I don't know of any useful purpose for this but it sure made a pretty weld.

I'm impressed with this torch and I'm very hard to impress with tools and equipment. Thank you for a quality product and all the helpful answers to stupid questions.

Nathan Holloway
New Life Rebuilders
Five Points, Tennessee, USA

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