J and S Enterprises  DHC2000 Welding and Cuttling Torch Cut-Like-Plasma Weld-Like-Tig Formerly the Henrob 2000 & Dillon Mark IV

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DHC2000 Welding and Cutting Torch - Preheating and Soldering, Welding and Brazing, Sheet Metal Cutting, Plate Cutting

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DHC2000 Welding and Cutting Torch
$419 - Free Shipping - 803.429.2545

With the DHC2000 Welding and Cutting Torch you can Cut-Like-Plasma and Weld-Like-TIG. Weld most difficult metals including aluminum, stainless steel, , cast iron and sheet metal. Cuts metals up to 1 inch thick. Up to 50% - 70% gas savings. Made in the USA since 1982 and comes with a lifetime warranty!! Use it for preheating, soldering, welding, brazing, sheet metal cutting, plate cutting and auto body work.

$419 DHC2000 Basic Torch Kit Free Shipping

J and S Enterprises Jim's Video Demonstration of the DHC2000 Welding and Cutting Torch
View Jim's Video Demontration

DHC2000 Torch Features and Specifications

• Unique pistol grip design weighs less than 3 lbs.
• Uses standard regulators & standard B hose fittings
• Uses Oxyacetylene - only 4 PSI each gas
• Uses standard TIG welding rods
• High tech design aid in longer lasting tips
• Unique mixing chamber reduces flame velocity up to 80%
DHC2000 Unique mixing chamber reduces flame velocity up to 80%

Great for Welding Auto Body Sheet Metal

• Less distortion than with MIG welds
• Softer welds that will easily grind, hammer and dolly
• With the DHC2000 torch you will use less body filler
• See our 39 Ford case study here
• Cut-Like-Plasma and Weld-Like-TIG

Perfect for automotive, street rod, motorcycle and
homebuilt aircraft enthusiasts as well as  farmers,
fabricators, model builders, radiator shops, HVAC
technicians and plumbers. Novice and professionals
agree, the DHC2000 from J and S Enterprises is a
unique, lightweight and cost effective Oxyacetylene
Welding and Cutting Torch.

All J and S Enterprises DHC2000 torch kits include our Instructional DVD and Jim's Suggestions, a supplement to the DHC2000 manual with a listing of required welding rods, fluxes and some helpful operational tips and suggestions. Both the video and supplement are exclusive to J and S Enterprises.

J and S Enterprises - DVD - Jim's Suggestions Supplement to the DHC2000 manual

Celebrating our 15th year in business, J and S Enterprises and cutikeplasma.com is home to the best dedicated technical support for the Henrob 2000, Dillon-Mark-IV and DHC2000 Welding and Cutting Torch. J and S Enterprises provides outstanding customer service and offers online shopping with competitive internet pricing on all DHC2000 Torch Kits, Torch and Regulator Kits, Regulators, Regulator Kits, Tips, Accessories, Replacement Parts, Safety Products and Welding Supplies.

DHC2000 Welding and Cutting Torch $419 - Free Shipping - 803.429.2545
Cut-Like-Plasma / Weld-Like-Tig

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