J and S Enterprises  DHC-2000 Welding and Cuttling Torch Cut-Like-Plasma Weld-Like-Tig Formerly the Henrob 2000 & Dillon Mark IV

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DHC-2000 Welding and Cutting Torch - Preheating and Soldering, Welding and Brazing, Sheet Metal Cutting, Plate Cutting

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DHC-2000 Welding and Cutting Torch
$419 - Free Shipping - 803.429.2545

With the DHC-2000 Welding and Cutting Torch you can Cut-Like-Plasma and Weld-Like-TIG. Weld most difficult metals including aluminum, stainless steel, , cast iron and sheet metal. Cuts metals up to 1 inch thick. Up to 50% - 70% gas savings. Made in the USA since 1982 and comes with a lifetime warranty!! Use it for preheating, soldering, welding, brazing, sheet metal cutting, plate cutting and auto body work.

$419 DHC-2000 Basic Torch Kit Free Shipping

J and S Enterprises Jim's Video Demonstration of the DHC-2000 Welding and Cutting Torch
View Jim's Video Demontration

DHC-2000 Torch Features and Specifications

• Unique pistol grip design weighs less than 3 lbs.
• Uses standard regulators & standard B hose fittings
• Uses Oxyacetylene - only 4 PSI each gas
• Uses standard TIG welding rods
• High tech design aid in longer lasting tips
• Unique mixing chamber reduces flame velocity up to 80%
DHC-2000 Unique mixing chamber reduces flame velocity up to 80%

Great for Welding Auto Body Sheet Metal

• Less distortion than with MIG welds
• Softer welds that will easily grind, hammer and dolly
• With the DHC-2000 torch you will use less body filler
• See our 39 Ford case study here
• Cut-Like-Plasma and Weld-Like-TIG

Perfect for automotive, street rod, motorcycle and
homebuilt aircraft enthusiasts as well as  farmers,
fabricators, model builders, radiator shops, HVAC
technicians and plumbers. Novice and professionals
agree, the DHC-2000 from J and S Enterprises is a
unique, lightweight and cost effective Oxyacetylene
Welding and Cutting Torch.

All J and S Enterprises DHC-2000 torch kits include our Instructional DVD and Jim's Suggestions, a supplement to the DHC-2000 manual with a listing of required welding rods, fluxes and some helpful operational tips and suggestions. Both the video and supplement are exclusive to J and S Enterprises.

J and S Enterprises - DVD - Jim's Suggestions Supplement to the DHC-2000 manual

Celebrating our 15th year in business, J and S Enterprises and cutikeplasma.com is home to the best dedicated technical support for the Henrob 2000, Dillon-Mark-IV and DHC-2000 Welding and Cutting Torch. J and S Enterprises provides outstanding customer service and offers online shopping with competitive internet pricing on all DHC-2000 Torch Kits, Torch and Regulator Kits, Regulators, Regulator Kits, Tips, Accessories, Replacement Parts, Safety Products and Welding Supplies.

DHC-2000 Welding and Cutting Torch $419 - Free Shipping - 803.429.2545
Cut-Like-Plasma / Weld-Like-Tig

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